Intelligent Targeting

The team at Space in Store manage the implementation of promotional campaigns, working in partnership with retailers and brands. A key component of our service is to provide intelligent targeting capability and insights to ensure campaigns are effectively aligned to the promoting brand’s objectives.

We can help plan your brand’s promotional activity to match specific timing requirements, for example to coincide with seasonal peaks, events or broader media campaigns.

Our Campaign Implementation Team work with cutting-edge mapping software called “SKiN” (Spatial Knowledge iNterface) to create and analyse location matches for your campaign. SKiN is a highly effective online-based mapping system designed to deliver best in class location-based services for businesses including Coca Cola, Royal Mail, Shell and Whitbread.

Using SKiN software, we are able to quickly and accurately map your business locations securely as well as create bespoke campaigns matching your geographical preferences to the retail channel locations.


The evolving behaviours of high street customers and increasing competition amongst businesses means brands need to be quick to adapt their marketing strategies.

Working closely with a number of nationwide casual dining retailers, Space in Store has delivered bespoke targeted campaigns based on a specified proximity or travel time between the promoting brand location and the retailer issuing their vouchers.

 SKiN software enables us to pinpoint strategically important areas for brands and set criteria at a postcode level. As and when objectives change, for example due to seasonality or a changing competitive context, we are able to deliver a quick turnaround on location requests.

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